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What makes our windows special

We have been manufacturing double glazed windows for over 30 years, our secret of success is striving for the highest quality using the best materials.

Window designs

Because we manufacture your windows right here in our own factory we are not restricted to supplier design limitations. We can tailor your windows to your exact needs and using our unique on-line window designer you will find that we are sure to produce your exact window style.

double glazing A+ rated

Window energy rating (WER)

As standard you will receive ultra efficient 'A+' rated windows (excluding Flush windows at 'A'). Our latest casement windows utilise some of the most advanced double glazing on the market and actually now perform much better than a standard A rated window, at A+, one of the most advanced in the country. Our windows easily exceed building regulations so you will have the peace of mind that you are installing the very best double glazing.

Home Energy Efficiency

Our energy efficient windows will make a real difference in the winter and reduce your home's energy bills as a lot of heat is lost through the windows. The special coating on each pane of glass reflects heat back into the room. All of our windows are filled with argon gas which is extremely effective in reducing heat loss as it has a higher density than air.

Triple glazed windows now A++

triple glazing A+ rated

For even higher energy efficiency, we manufacture A++ triple glazed windows. Using the same advanced glass specification as our double glazing, with an extra pane of energy efficient Pilkington KS glass, and a thinner glass bead without increasing the frame thickness, achieving a superb 'A++' rating from the BFRC.

Security – PAS24

Pas24 security

Our windows are highly secure with:

  • PAS24:2022 accreditation making them stronger against break-ins, at no extra charge! PAS24 is required for new builds and extensions to comply with Document Q of Building Regulations. More information
  • Our locking system is sourced from Yale with free upgrade to Yale shootbolt locking to ensure a highly secure window.
  • Internal beads so the glass can only be removed from the inside.
  • A two stage locking system where the window is completely closed on the first setting while on the second setting it still locked but allows airflow through a small gap.
  • Handles that have key locks.

Window frames - Now with Heritage 2800 profile

Our profile is made in Britain by Deceuninck, one of the leading profile extruders in the country. We use the new Heritage 2800 profile with an attractive sculptured finish. It's visually quite similar to our previous Optima profile.


In order to achieve such a highly energy efficient window we only use the latest glass technology from Pilkington known as Pilkington EnergiKare. All windows are supplied with the following glass make-up:

  • Inner pane – Pilkington KS
  • Outer pane – Pilkington Optiwhite
  • Gas filling – Argon Gas
  • Spacer bar – black SuperSpacer
  • Thickness – 28mm or 40mm for triple
  • U-value – from 0.70 to 1.22  

In addition, you may also add Georgian bar, Square lead or Diamond lead decoration to your glass.

Other hardware & Ancillaries

Our handles, hinges and other parts are of extremely high quality, sourced from reputable companies.

Flush windows

We now manufacture Heritage 2800 flush casement windows that mimic the traditional wooden windows of period properties, with much better energy efficiency and lower heating bills and are virtually indistinguishable from timber when ordered in colour or woodgrain white. The openers on these windows sit flush in the frame externally rather than standing proud, both inside and outside with our new Heritage 2800 system. Their simple lines and proportions work well in more modern buildings too. We believe our flush casement is the best, far surpassing others on the market in terms of authentic design and energy efficiency, A rated as standard with double glazing. Photos of our windows at the gallery below. All the joints of our windows are 45 degree welded joints. More information


Our new Heritage 2800 frames can be ordered in beautiful authentic 'wood like' finishes in an amazing array of 30 colours and combinations. For zoomed up photos of all colours just choose a window and at the designer click on "Frame colour".

French windows

We also manufacture French windows, they open completely without a central vertical bar in the way, thereby allowing fire-escape, maximum ventilation and ground floor access. Like all our windows they also have a two stage locking system for airflow as described above in the Security paragraph.


We have invested heavily in our machinery to ensure both accuracy and a high quality finish. Our quality control system ensures that each window leaves our factory to the highest standard.

Tilt & Turn windows

Our Tilt & Turn windows open inwards and have a tilt function for easy ventilation with security as the tilt is limited. Just by turning the handle to the middle position you can open the window like a normal side-opener.

Comprehensive Guarantee

Frames: Heritage 2800 window and door frames whether in flat white or woodgrain/textured coloured laminated PVC-u are guaranteed for 10 years. This guarantee is in respect of colour stability, shape retention and impact strength retention.
Sealed glass units: 10 years against condensation inside the unit.
Moving hardware (locks, hinges, handles, etc): 1 year against failure in operation.
Astragal bars: 2 years.

To price a window just click on the closest type on our window page!