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What makes Legacy vertical sliding sash windows special

Timber replica - period style

Timber look windows without the timber maintenance and problems, just wipe clean with no painting needed. Highly energy efficient, energy rated A as standard, can prevent draughts and keep your home warm all-year-round.
Period details, a great solution for conservation areas and other heritage buildings.

Both frames and sashes can be mechanically jointed, avoiding the 'giveaway' mitred weld of UPVC. Sash horns are part of the sash, not an afterthought. Georgian bars are milled for a superb fit. Deep bottom rails and a choice of sashes give impeccable sightlines. Traditional box-sash dimensions, hardware and glorious period colour.
The window frames are built to last and to resist the ever-changing conditions of the British weather without losing their pleasant appearance.

Wide range made to order

There's nothing 'off the shelf' about these windows, each one is built to order, to your exact measurements and choices. Using our unique online sash window designer you can build your window out of many types, made in a RAL colour of your choice including stunning authentic wood-grain colours, with many different hardware options in up to 8 colours.

Window hardware

  • Locks: hold the sash window shut by fastening the mid-rails together. They sit discreetly on the window with a choice of either Standard or Heritage style, with the option of key-locking.
  • Knobs: used to tilt the lower sash for easy cleaning of the outside frame and glass. Available in heritage or standard style.
  • Lift hooks: allow easy opening of the lower sash by sliding upwards.
  • Travel restrictors: safety feature to prevent the travel of the sash beyond about 10cm, ideal as a child safety device.
  • Pole eyes: fitted on the top of the top sash, enabling use of a pole with hook (not supplied) to operate windows that are too high to operate by hand.
  • D-handles: fitted at the bottom of the top sash at the outside of the window, used for pulling the top sash down.
  • Trickle vent: for limited airflow without having to open the window as required by Building Regulations.

Astragal Georgian bars

A great range of Astragal/Georgian bar layouts for adding character to your sash windows.
Astragal bars are fixed onto the window glazing internally and externally. They will give the window a classic appearance and the illusion of multiple panes of glass.

Energy Efficiency

The frames and sashes are multi-chambered, using the power of air as an insulator to stop warmth escaping.
As standard a 24mm insulated double-glazed unit with argon gas inside, which reduces the heat transfer between the panes as Argon gas is 6 times denser than air. Including a warm edge spacer bar in between the panes.

These thermal efficient elements work together to enable these Legacy sash windows to achieve a Window Energy Rating (WER) of "A" and u-value of 1.4W/m²K as standard.


These sash windows deliver advanced levels of security without complex operation. The locks come with key or without key for escape windows. The manufacturing processes are externally verified by ER Certification, to ensure they meet the required testing and manufacturing criteria to satisfy product standards and certification schemes.

Kitemarked to BS EN 12608, with laminated glass and also PAS 24 as option. Produced entirely in the UK. Compliant with Building Regulations.

Acoustic laminated glazed windows

Optional soundproofing glazing is great for significantly reducing noise from road, rail or air traffic, factories or nightclubs.
Noise is reflected back outside and also absorbed within the glass. The outer pane features two 3mm pieces of glass that are laminated together with an acoustic membrane that prevents the vibrations of the sound wave passing through the glass.
Being laminated it is also very secure and difficult to break into.

Slide and tilt facility

Both the top and bottom sashes can slide up and down for ventilation (except for arched windows).
At the same time the sashes can tilt to allow easy cleaning of the external side of the glass from inside the home.
Please note, on arched windows and on windows with a woodgrain finish external and smooth finish internal it is not possible to offer the top sash tilt facility.

Quick release tilt arms facility

The tilt arms on both sashes can be quickly released on all windows (except arched windows where the top sash doesn't tilt), which allows to easily remove a sliding sash by using a screwdriver and placing it between the spring clip and the black button, on both sides.

Additional features

  • Thick 128mm font-to-back dimensions.
  • Authentic ovolo styling throughout.
  • Internally glazed for security.
  • Reliable spiral balance mechanisms for easy operation.
  • Colour-matched woolpile for weather/debris protection.

Comprehensive Warranty

UPVC profile:10 yearsfor fading, discolouration and structural integrity, excluding minor imperfections not visible from 3 meters*
Sealed glass units:10 yearsagainst condensation inside the unit, 5 years otherwise, excluding minor imperfections*
Hardware:5 yearsagainst oxidation, excluding wear & tear and misuse*

* Please see the Warranty Terms & Exclusions.

To price a window just click on the closest type on our sash window page!