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Fire Door Designer - Outside view

To change your chosen overall size just return back
To choose a different door/window just return to the home page.
Due to European Fire Door Laws, these doors should only be used internally, not as an external door.
Extenders do not add to the overall width/height of door frames.
By choosing extenders the frame will be made slightly smaller, in order to keep the overall width/height including the extender the same as your measurements.
Alternatively, if you wish to add an extender in addition to the overall width/height you measured, please choose the extender and leave a note at checkout.
Please choose any extenders for the sides of your door frame:



Helpful guidance will appear here when you click on any options on this page.

On every pane click
  to choose glass

Frame colours

Door frames are made of UPVC and are available in flat white or in woodgrain effect foiled colours.

You can have white on the inside, or the same colour as on the outside in most colours.

Frames are sculptured, similar to our own UPVC products.

Anthracite-grey matt/smooth frames are not in stock, please allow an extra month for delivery.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee to match existing colours. If you need a colour match, please email us with your address and ask for a sample of the colour you need.

Door colours

An extensive range of door slab colours.

New inside colours: Now all the outside colours are also available on the inside of the door slab, independently of the outside colour.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee to match existing colours. If you need a colour match, please email us with your address and ask for a sample of the colour you need.

Door Glazing

Fire door glass units consist of a thick 7mm outer pane of special Pyrodur glass and a 6.8mm inner pane of either Clear, Stippolyte or Satin glass.


Balmoral lever handles in a choice of 6 colours, white, black, gold, chrome, satin chrome and graphite.

External cill

Most doors require an external cill to drain water away correctly. If you already have a stone or tiled cill as part of the building you may not require a cill.

Your door will be manufactured to the sizes given including whichever cill and threshold is chosen.
For example at an order height of 2100mm with a cill, the actual door will be 2070 + 30mm for the cill.

The cill width will be 100mm wider than the left to right width of the door, so 50mm cill "horn" on each side.

The cill depths are 85mm stub, 150mm normal that covers most situations, or 180mm long.

Please note: The cill height is 30mm and if a cill is chosen then these 30mm will be included within the overall height of the door.
For more advice please contact us.

Cylinder locks

We supply these locking cylinders:

ABS Pioneer 1 star Kite marked cylinder as standard.

ABS thumbturn: allowing you to lock the door from the inside without a key. At the outside a key as usual.

Ultion security: A superb 3 star Kite marked security cylinder with 11 pins, with a £2000 snap guarantee from Ultion. Required for PAS24. More information

Ultion thumbturn: A superb Ultion security cylinder but with a thumb-turn inside.

Note: For knob and bar handles we recommend a thumb turn inside, as there is no handle inside.

All doors come with 3 keys.

Ultion cylinder information

Open inside/outside

Open in: Typically doors open inwards into a building.

Open out: Good for back doors to save internal space. The hinges are on the outside.

Union Powerload hinge

High performance butt hinges for severe duty applications.
Certifire approved, suitable for FD30 and FD60 Fire doors.
180° angle of opening, self lubricating maintenance free, radius corner hinges with congruent fixing pattern design. Tested to 200,000 cycles.

Door closer

Fire doors must self-close.

Astra 4000 concealed closer Integrated door closer with closing speed adjustment.
Completely concealed when door is closed. Tested and certified to all UK and international performance standards including FD30 & FD60 fire tests.

Dorma TS 72 overhead closer

A Certifire approved multi-purpose door closer. Non-handed design. Closing force, closing speed and latching action adjustable in just a few movements.

Frame extenders

A frame extender increases the thickness of a door frame at a specified side. Great for properties with deep plaster, render or tiles over tiles.

Some fitters buy extenders as a precaution, for example where the door opening has not been built yet. Extenders can be modified to accomodate inconsistent side walls.

Extenders simply clip or slide on the door profile as you can see on the picture.

Example of 20mm extender sliding


Your door will be manufactured to the sizes given including whichever cill and threshold is chosen.

Low aluminium
Stormguard™ threshold 15 to 25 mm high. In silver or gold.

Low aluminium Part-M
Stormguard™ threshold 15 to 25 mm high. Part M wheelchair compliant, including front ramp. In silver or gold. No cill needed.

Note: On inward opening doors, please make sure there is sufficient clearance between the bottom of the door and the floor inside.


Nu Mail flame resistant letterbox:

• Up to 60 minute fire resistance.
• 12" letterplate with 10" aperture, meets Royal Mail standards, will easily take A4 size post.
• Fully weather sealed with outstanding acoustic insulation so perfect for flats or houses near busy roads.
• Can only be removed from inside the house.

Letterboxes are matched to your handle colour, so to change the letterbox colour please change the handle colour.

To comply with PAS24 please add a shield/cowl to the inside of the letterbox for extra protection.

Fire door letterboxes


We have a variety of knockers:

• Urn style knocker, available with
   or without a viewing hole.
• Heritage Bullring.
• Architectural style.

Knockers are matched to your handle colour, so to change the knocker colour please change the handle colour.

Please note: in some occasions the knocker colour may be slightly different to the handle colour as they could be of different brands.

Some knocker examples
Fire door knocker examples

Security chain

The ERA TS003 door chain offers certified heavy duty visual security for your home, supplied loose with fixings.

• Strong and simple to use - TS003 certified.
• Can only be unlocked when the door is closed.
• Easy release when the door is closed.
• Allows minimal opening for

Security chain

Fixing kit

Contains approximately 40 assorted packers of various thicknesses (1 to 4mm) ideal for aligning and fitting the frame and glass units (toe and heeling).

Also approximately 12 concrete countersunk screws 7.5 x 120mm.
Ideal for fixing into concrete, brick, stone, concrete block and wood.

These screws do not require wall plugs. How to video on Youtube.

Door numbers

Door numbers show the house number in your chosen handle colour.

They come in the Balmoral brand complete with screwless fixings. You can have up to 4 digits 0 to 9 and letters A,B,C,D,E,F which will be supplied loose with fixings.

The numbers on our door designer generated images are just an example, as the numbers are supplied loose so you can fit them wherever you like.

Balmoral door nunbers example

Drip bars

If this door is used externally, it would need a weather drip-bar strip which is a simple but essential bar to keep rain water away from the bottom of your door.
It sits near the bottom of the door to deflect rainwater away to prevent pools of water forming.

Drip-bars are not needed for doors used internally, for example for an apartment door.

Fire door drip bar example