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Extra UPVC reinforced couplers / joiners

The easiest way to unite separate windows and doors is using a coupler. Our couplers are aluminium reinforced as you can see from the diagram below.

To attach just knock on with a rubber mallet, the side clips will join securely with the window/door frame.

Please note: allow space for the coupler's width, by reducing your windows/doors by 15mm.

Coupler options

Depth 85mm
Thickness 15mm
Enter length mm
Coupler price £
All prices include VAT
coupler diagram
Coupler Preview
chosen coupler example photo
Coupler Preview
Click to choose your colour, or click on the zoom icon to see it up close.
Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee to match existing colours.
For a colour match, please email us with your address for a free swatch.

Flat White, RAL 9016Golden Oak woodgrainGolden Oak woodgrain with flat White insideRosewood woodgrainRosewood woodgrain with flat White insideAnthracite-Grey grained, RAL 7016Anthracite-Grey grained, RAL 7016 with flat White insideBlack-Ash grained, RAL 8022Black-Ash grained, RAL 8022 with flat White insideAnthracite-Grey matt (smooth), RAL 7016Anthracite-Grey matt (smooth), RAL 7016 with flat White insideWhite grained for a superior look, RAL 9010White grained for a superior look, RAL 9010 with flat White insideClassic Cream grained, RAL 9001Classic Cream grained, RAL 9001 with flat White insideChartwell Green grained, RAL 6021Chartwell Green grained, RAL 6021 with flat White insideIrish Oak woodgrainIrish Oak woodgrain with flat White insideAgate Grey grained, RAL 7038 with flat White insideBlack matt (smooth), RAL 8022 with flat White inside