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Whole door options

Bi-folding door type 3-3-0
3 sections, All folding left
Master door right
Frame colour
Internal blind 
External cill
Locking cylinder

Frame extenders 
PAS24 upgrade 
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Aluminium Bi-Fold Designer

Width: 2000mm
Height: 2100 mm

Outside view

Change dimensions at the measuring page.
For other doors/windows just see the home page.
Please select the glass or panel options for this pane.
Guidance will appear automatically on the right.

Glass type:  glass & panels
Georgian bars: x (horizontal x vertical)
Extenders do not add to the overall width/height of door frames.
By choosing extenders the frame will be made slightly smaller, in order to keep the overall width/height including the extender the same as your measurements.
Alternatively, if you wish to add an extender in addition to the overall width or height you measured, please choose the extender and leave a note at checkout.
Please choose any extenders for the sides of your door frame:

Click to choose your colour, or click on RAL to enter your desired RAL number.
Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee to match existing colours.
For a colour match, please email us with your address for a free swatch.

White gloss
RAL 9010
Anthracite grey matt
RAL 7016
Anthracite grey matt
with white inside
Black matt
RAL 9005
Black matt
with white inside
Agate grey matt
RAL 7038
Agate grey matt
with white inside
RAL colour - same both sides
(delayed delivery)
2 RAL colours, each at a side
(delayed delivery)


Helpful guidance will appear here when you click on any options on this page.

Frame colours

Aluminium flat profile without any sort of texture.

Available in standard colours or your own RAL. Polyester powder-coated for durability to maintain a fresh appearance, year after year.

Highly resistant to corrosion.
Durable scratch resistant finish.

Standard colours:
White Gloss RAL 9910
Black matt RAL 9005
Black matt RAL 9005 with White Gloss internally
Anthracite-grey matt RAL 7016
Anthracite-grey matt RAL 7016 with White Gloss RAL 9910 internally
Agate-grey matt RAL 7038
Agate-grey matt RAL 7038 with White Gloss internally
Premium custom colours:
You can chose your own RAL colour, or even 2 RAL colours. At checkout please enter Matt, Gloss, or Satin in the comments box.
Custom RAL colours will delay your order significantly.

PAS 24 security

Enhanced security PAS 24:2016 is the latest security standard that can only be achieved once a product has been tested to demonstrate enhanced protection against various types of attack. This ranges from shoulder barging and kicking to attempts to pick or damage the handle or lock. Intended to resist the levels and methods of attack experienced in Britain.

Building Regulations compliant.

Choosing PAS24 will set all the glass panes to Laminated glazing.

Cylinder locks are Yale 3 star kite-marked as standard.

Handle colours

Door handles are available in white, polished chrome, anthracite-grey, black or brushed stainless steel. If preferred the inside handle can be white.

Internal shoot-bolt handles are the same colour as the door handles.

Please note: Hinges and the little pull handles on the hinges are always black to match the black rubber gaskets.

Example of bi-fold door handles

Internal magnetic blinds

These integrated Venetian blinds are permanently sealed inside the cavity of double-glazed units, keeping them totally out of harm's way in between the glass panes.

Venetian blinds animation

    Benefits include:
  • Closed-loop belt transmission system allows smooth and long-lasting function of the blind.
  • The external magnetic slider is treated with a patented anti-bacterial finish, for long-lasting protection also against viruses.
  • No cords, fully compliant with child safety standards.
  • Requires only one control to both raise and tilt the slats.
  • The slats are always clean!

Colours:Blinds headrail colours

Open in or out

A door can open in, into your home or out, away from your home, as viewed from outside.

We recommend bi-fold doors to open outwards, saving space inside your home and improving weather resistance.

Hinges and the little pull handles on the hinges are always black to match the black rubber gaskets.

External aluminium cill

Most doors require an external cill to drain water away correctly. If you already have a stone or tiled cill as part of the building you may not require a cill.

Integrated cill
An ideal situation, a 150mm cill and threshold all in one, at the same height as the normal threshold. Only available on Open-out doors. Recommended.

Alternatively and for open-in doors there is a choice of 100mm stub cill (protrudes only 16mm), 150mm normal cill and 190mm long cill (for doors set further back into the brickwork).

Please note: If a cill is chosen, the cill height of 16mm will be included within the overall height of the door.

Integrated cill

Glazing choices

Advanced double glazing Argon filled with 1.2 glass u-rating.

in mm
in mm
u value

We cannot use triple glazing on bi-fold doors due to the weight and thickness, making the folding difficult. If you need triple glazing, please use our French doors.

Optionally Pilkington Optiphon™ Acoustic glazing for significantly better noise insulation.

Acoustic glazing

Pilkington Optiphon™ high quality acoustic laminated glass offers excellent noise reduction without reducing light transmittance and impact performance.

Ideal for significantly reducing noise from road, rail or air traffic, factories or nightclubs.

Noise is reflected back towards the source and also absorbed within the glass.

The glass unit is made of a 6.8mm acoustic laminated outer pane, a 18mm Superspacer void and a 4mm inner KS pane.

Being laminated it is also very secure and difficult to break into.

The u-value is 1.2, the same as our superb A+ rated double glazing.

Sound reduction Rw(C;Ctr) 41dB(-2; -6)

Frame extenders

20 and 40mm aluminium frame extenders.

A frame extender increases the thickness of a door frame at a specified side. Great for properties with deep plaster, render or tiles over tiles.

Some fitters buy extenders as a precaution, for example where the door opening has not been built yet. Extenders can be modified to accomodate inconsistent side walls.

Extenders simply clip or slide on the door profile as you can see on the picture.

Example of 20mm extender sliding

Glass menu

These are the glass options for the glass pane you just clicked on.

For more guidance please click on the individual options.

Glass types

We supply clear glass and 19 designs of obscure privacy glass from Pilkington, including Satin.
Each glass type has a privacy level from 0 (clear) to 6 (solid).

Panels: Insulated MDF reinforced UPVC panels instead of glass.

Clear - level 0

Arctic - level 4

Autumn - level 3

Chantilly - level 2

Charcoal-sticks - level 4

Contora - level 4

Cotswold - level 5

Digital - level 3

Everglade - level 5

Flemish - level 2

Florielle - level 4

Mayflower - level 4

Minster - level 2

Oak - level 4

Pelerine - level 5

Satin-opal - level 5

Stippolyte - level 4

Sycamore - level 2

Taffeta - level 3

Solid panel - level 6

Glass decoration

For added decoration or for a traditional feel we have Georgian bars, Square lead or Diamond lead.

Georgian bars Our Georgian bars are 18mm thick and are placed between the glass panes for ease of cleaning. We do not offer external Astragal bars due to unreliability as they are just taped on. We can instead supply a single horizontal or vertical extra bar. More information on the the glass menu pop-up.

Square lead Our Square lead is traditional lead which is 9mm thick and is placed on both sides of the external pane of glass.

Diamond lead Our Diamond lead is real 9mm thick lead on both sides of the external glass pane.

Note: lead layouts are just a representation, the actual layout will be according to best practice.

Note: For custom or special Georgian/lead layouts or for matches, please leave specific instructions as a note at checkout.

Georgian Bars

Our Georgian bars are 18mm thick and are fitted between the glass panes for easier cleaning. All Georgian bars are colour matched to your window colour to ensure the right look.

Georgian bars example


Please choose your own number of horizontal and vertical Georgian squares, or leave it on automatic where the actual layout will be set by us according to best practice.

Small adjustments to align the bars between panes will be done by us.

For custom/special layouts please leave a note at checkout.

Glass safety

We supply 3 strengths of glass:

Standard: Normal glass, which is dangerous when broken as it breaks in large sharp pieces. Not allowed for doors.

Toughened: Specially treated to increase its strength and safety.
If broken, toughened glass breaks into many small pieces therefore it's less likely to cause injury.

Laminated: Our strongest glass, similar to a car's windscreen, has a laminated layer that keeps the glass together when broken, making it very difficult to break into. Outer side 6.8mm laminated, inner 4mm toughened glass.

Building regulations apply to glass safety.


Normal rebated threshold:
A low profile threshold 30.5mm high to the bottom of the door sash (51.5mm including rebate). Plus 16mm for cill if required.

Integrated cill threshold:
Same as the normal threshold (52/30.5mm), but the cill is already integrated, eliminating the need for a separate cill. Open out only.

Note: On inward opening doors, please make sure there is sufficient clearance between the bottom of the door sash and the floor inside.

We recommend bi-folds to open outwards with the integrated cill.

Integrated threshold-cill

Trickle vents

New upgraded trickle vents, now built-in the top of the frame, no add-on extender required.

Up to 3 trickle vents, complete with insect grill and manual open/close control.
They help to control outside air flow to reduce condensation and mould.

Equivalent Area 2667mm² per vent, so 8000mm² for 3.

The top of the vent has a 9mm clearance to the very top of the frame. An extender may be needed if that is not sufficient for any plaster. Please see the diagram:

New Building Regulations apply to ventilation.